We're Caroline Parsons and Simon Nash, the founders of SoloSeparate. We designed SoloSeparate™ to help couples achieve their post-divorce goals with minimal conflict, trauma and unnecessary expense.

Caroline Parsons

Caroline Parsons

Caroline is a mum and a lawyer, with over 20 years' experience in law. Aside from SoloSeparate, she runs her own trauma-informed family law practice.

Having experienced a difficult divorce, Caroline understands the importance of reducing conflict and trauma during separation.

Caroline loves spending time with her two children, helping people, and being outdoors.

Simon Nash 

Simon is a former property management specialist, with over 16 years' experience in the industry. In addition to running SoloSeparate, he's also a writer.

He's an avid reader, loves riding his Ducati, and is a keen photographer. He's also a stepdad to two great kids (who call him Dash).


Why we did this

Divorces happen. When they do, it's unsettling and sad, often painful, and usually expensive. Those who suffer most when a marriage breaks down are often the children. If the separation is hostile, they may emerge mentally and emotionally fragile, when parents prioritise "getting what's owed to them" instead of thinking about what's fair and, importantly, what's in the best interests of their children.

In 2019 we saw the marriage of some friends start to deteriorate. Things got worse when they started talking about using divorce lawyers, and their situation suddenly became very adversarial and damaging to their children. The reason they started talking about lawyers is because they thought they had no other real options.


We designed SoloSeparate to help couples achieve their post-divorce goals in a child-friendly way with minimum conflict, trauma and unnecessary expense. The 6 steps allow you to work together, retaining the power to decide between yourselves how to divide your assets and parent your children after divorce. It's also designed to protect your family's property pool by avoiding spending thousands of dollars on lawyers.

However you choose to separate, you will need to agree how to divide your property and parent your children. If you're not sure how, and you're uncertain about doing it without help, family lawyers can advise you of your rights and entitlements. But, if you know how you want to divide your property and parent your children, do it yourself and SoloSeparate.

This approach won't suit everyone, but we hope it will help you and your partner achieve the brighter future your family deserves.


What people say

"SoloSeparate is innovative, and a great tool to keep families out of the court system, reduce conflict and legal fees. Congratulations on creating such a great tool and platform for families to use."