Take 6 steps together, from considering separation to life beyond divorce, without lawyers.

Divorce is not a dirty word.


What is SoloSeparate?

SoloSeparate is an online do-it-yourself toolkit which will help you work together, collaboratively, to navigate the road from separation to divorce. 


The 6 steps are designed to minimise conflict by separating financial and parenting negotiations, working to achieve an uncontested divorce. 


The process is modular, which means you pay a fixed fee for each step as you take it. No sign-up. No strings.

Colleagues Working in Office

The 6 steps

Step 4

Orders application

File your application for consent orders with the Family Court

Step 5

Parenting plan

If you have children, draft a plan together for parenting arrangements 

Step 6

Divorce application

Make a joint divorce application to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Step 1

Valuation checklist

Build a checklist together to help value your property pool

Step 2

Property divider

Use the property divider to agree how to fairly split your property pool

Step 3

Consent orders

Draft consent orders together to formalise your property pool division

About us

We're Caroline Parsons and Simon Nash. We founded SoloSeparate to help couples achieve their post-divorce goals with minimal conflict, trauma and unnecessary expense.


The experts

At some point on your journey you might need to speak to a financial advisor, counsellor, or even a family lawyer. We have a panel of empathetic experts ready to help.